NKJV Bible by Olive Tree App Reviews

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Absolutely Superb

When I got my iPad, I downloaded this software to have the Bible in multiple languages, to be able to add unlimited comments to passages and have never regretted it. It is very intuitive to use, and perfect for reading and comparing in different languages. I am also trying one of the reading plans supplied with it this year. Also when I had synch problems and didnt want to loose all my work, I was highly impressed that I could actually contact real people with a genuine service ethos who stuck at the problem until it was solved, absolutely brilliant. I would (and have!) recommended this software and the organisation behind it to anyone.


Great resource for studying the Bible.

Gods grace.

This App is really awesome. More grease to your elbows. God blessings.


I am very thankful for this tool that I use every day. gn

Great, buy it

I have other bible apps, but I come back to Olive. I like that I can lock the view so I can read while lying down - without the screen flipping from landscape to portrait views. Lots of freebies.

Great Bible

This is a great app, easy to use. I can take notes right at scripture.and find them easily when I want to reference them, search feature works excellent as does bookmarks and highlights. Well worht the money is my fav bible app. Also can easily compare different versions

Full of amazing and very practical options but it crushed for good before even starting a reading pl

It crashed for good before even taking any advantage of my investment. Such a waste of money..

Olive Tree version 4

I am extremely disappointed that in the very newest version of the software there is no ability to copy and paste a selection of a short passage of several verses. I have used Olive Tree to communicate both by email and in Facebook, by copying and pasting short passages, very often, several times a day. I have paid for several modules and this program has now become vastly less useful to me. I want an Bible app that I can use to discuss Scripture with other people online and on Facebook. I have used Olive Tree for months and now I will need to find another more useful Bible app. I am very disappointed in this new upgrade version of Olive Tree Bibles. Please do not upgrade, unless you are ready lose the capacity to copy and paste Scripture.

Not crazy about upgrade

I had the free version plus i bought NKJV and Wuest plus a couple other things I upgraded and now I no longer have KJV and the free things from the original version. When I went to the store to download, they now want $5 to "purchase" KJV. I ended up downloading the free version again but I need two Apps when before it was all in one. I couldnt get the font to change properly on the split window. I wish I hadnt upgraded, however it is still a good Bible program. I expect some fixes in the very near future. Before upgrading, wait for the bugs to be resolved. Disappointed.

Love the app, 1 feature missing...

I love the app and love the variety of resources you can add to it. 1 only feature is missing, a slider to adjust the brightness of the display like in iBooks or in Kindle.

Excellent ....reading plans, searches, highlights verses. Copy and paste to e-mail.

Thank you for this excellent App.

Great resource

Great APP for searching the Bible using keywords. Will be a whole lot better if commentaries can be added with references (like Zondervan study bible) for mobile people who desire to study more on the go.

Great app

So happy I downloaded this its been very helpful and it is very easy to find certain verses or switch books update was a great idea as well good job!

Great for getting deeper

I use this app regularly. It is a great tool for getting deeper into scripture. The search is great. The cross reference system really empowers me to deepen my bible study times.

Sir Clive

Excellent app. I need nothing more.


Im on the go quite a bit, and having it handy at all times for my iOS devices is very helpful. It is also easier to keep up with, for me at least.

Gods word.

I like this App. Simple to use. Easy to share on FB, liking the daily bible verses & verse of the week.


Good app and a good translation, too!

Olive tree Bible apps

My favourite Bible app. Way ahead of the rest.

Bible app

Great bible study app and lot of difference bibles

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